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Paul Sivell is delighted to announce that he is working with the very talented Glenn Martin (Mushyman on Facebook) on some new pieces. Their first collaboration is entitled ‘Dryad.’ Paul and Glenn hope to work together on many other pieces.
Dryad was created by Paul carving the figure from recycled Lawson Cypress. Glenn then worked on the remainder – again all with recycled pieces of copper and worn beach glass.
As Glenn said; ‘There was no fixed design, as I needed to get a feel of how to work with the curves in the figure and therefore an essence of how Paul works. The copper leaves and flower petals were made from an old immersion tank and the vines made from heavy gauge copper wire. Rather than polish up all the copper, I have left the finish as I have found it all adds to the final effect. I am looking forward to working on a second piece with Paul, the designs are all ready to go!

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